Locality brings responsibility

Polaria aims to be a strong player in its own environment. The Polaria factory has been established and has been operating for 50 years in Mäntyharju in South Savo and has been a strong employer in the area.

Polaria wants to attract new talent and professionals to live and work in the area. The company cooperates closely with schools and academies in the area. “We hope that young people see at an early stage that there are diverse and interesting jobs on offer in their home region, and that they don’t always need to move away from Mäntyharju,” says CEO Timo Karhula.

Polaria Padel -kenttä


For nature, sport and family

In the future, Polaria will continue to invest heavily in community and environmental support in the immediate vicinity of Mäntyharju. The aim is to challenge other companies to contribute to the viability of their municipality.

In spring 2019, Polaria collaborated with the municipality of Mäntyharju to fund the construction of the first padel court in South Savo in Mäntyharju. During the summer, the Polaria padel court was opened for use for a wide range of residents and summer visitors.


A reliable employer

Polaria is one of the largest employers in the Mäntyharju area. We currently employ about fifty permanent employees and additionally hire around ten seasonal workers during the summer and other holiday periods at our factory.

Long-term employment relationships are a matter of pride for us. We aim to provide meaningful work tasks and be flexibly involved in the daily lives of our employees. We offer jobs both in the factory and in the office.

Polarian henkilökunta


Polaria’s carport solar power plant

The positive climate impacts of solar power can be concretely measured here as well. Together with Solarigo, we built carports covered with solar panels for our staff. Our Polaria carport power plant provides about 10-15% of our annual energy needs. We are happy to be a part of the daily renewable energy climate efforts.