FAQ – frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

You can also contact our customer service at tel. +358 20 7756340 or email sales@polaria.fi.

General information

Do the furniture withstand splashing water?
Yes, Polaria products are made of powder-painted steel with nanoceramic finishing and therefore have excellent water resistance.

Are Polaria furniture products made responsibly?
Responsibility has always been important to us, and we know our value chain. Responsibility is at the core of our work: we want to be a good employer to our employees, produce responsible products, work with responsible partners, set a good example at the local level, and be good to our environment. See more here.

How do I recycle a Polaria product that is no longer in use?

  • Mirror cabinets with lights go to WEEE recycling.
  • Wash basins go to stone waste.
  • Other steel products go to metal recycling.
  • Mirrors go to mixed waste.

Can I get spare parts for the mirror cabinet or other products?
Polaria offers a wide range of spare parts for bathroom furniture. Our goal is to create a lifetime product where worn parts can be replaced with new ones. Spare parts significantly extend the lifespan of our products.

How long is the warranty on the product?
We offer a 10-year warranty on all our steel bathroom furniture made from October 1, 2019. Electrical components included in Polaria brand products have a five-year warranty, and we apply a two-year warranty to other product ranges. Read the warranty statement here.

Where can I find installation instructions and mounting dimensions for the products?
On Polaria’s website in the material bank. The dimension drawings can be found in the product card for the specific product.

Where are Polaria products made?
All steel Polaria furniture is made in our factory in Mäntyharju, Finland. We import wash basins, mirrors, and bathroom supports.

Wash Basins and Wash Basin Cabinets

Which wash basin cabinets and wash basins are compatible?
Almost all wash basins and wash basin cabinets in our range are only compatible with each other. The name is a good guarantee of compatibility. For example, the Carina 500 wash basin matches the Carina 500 wash basin cabinet. The Noval and Stila furniture have a flat top and may also fit other flat wash basins or separate tops. However, the compatibility must always be confirmed by the customer for each specific product. You can find the wash basin cabinets at this link.

Does a wash basin always need a wash basin cabinet underneath or can the wash basin be installed alone?
Mostly yes, but the wash basins in the Mille series can also be used without a wash basin cabinet, and brackets can be purchased separately for the wash basin. Please consider the durability of the wall structure if the wash basin is installed without a wash basin cabinet.

Can other than Polaria models fit Polaria wash basin cabinets?
Mainly, the wash basin cabinets we manufacture fit wash basins from our own range. However, we also make wash basin cabinets for the Ido Glow series wash basins. Their compatibility with different Ido wash basin models can be determined by the model name’s number series. A flat wash basin from another manufacturer may fit the Stila and Noval wash basin cabinets, but compatibility must always be checked by the customer for each specific product.

Can I make holes in the wash basin cabinet for plumbing?
Unfortunately, our products cannot be modified afterwards. The steel is treated with a nanoceramic coating and powder-coated, so cutting exposes the untreated steel to moisture. Modifications made afterwards will void the product’s 10-year warranty.

Mirror Cabinets with Light

Can you replace the fluorescent tube in an old mirror cabinet with light with an LED tube?
Yes, if the cabinet has a ballast in the electrical system, you can replace the fluorescent tube with a suitable LED tube. You will also need to replace the starter with an LED starter. If you’re unsure, it’s best to consult an electrician. See how to replace the light source with LED here.

When is a residual current device (RCD) required in wet areas for mirror cabinets with light?
If there is no RCD protection for the sockets in the electrical panel, the mirror cabinet with light must have RCD protection. If there is already RCD protection in the electrical panel, the cabinet should not have an additional RCD.

How do I replace the light cover in the mirror cabinet with light?
For VPK & VPK-S: Turn off the power – gently push the bottom edge of the plastic cover upwards with your thumb to release the edge from its groove – the plastic cover will come off. Watch the light cover replacement video here.
For Lumena and Klara: The light cover must be replaced by an electrician.

The socket in the mirror cabinet with light works, but the light does not. What should I do?
First, check if the fluorescent tube is faulty. If it is fine, an electrician should check the electrical connections according to the installation instructions. For the installer: If there is no separate circuit for the light and the socket, connect L1 and L2 with a wire loop (0.5 mm²).

Can the socket in the mirror cabinet with light have continuous power?
The socket in the mirror cabinet with light can have continuous power and lighting through the light switch, if the house’s electrical system allows it. Electrical work should always be performed by a certified electrician.

Other products

Do you need to put furniture legs on the wash basin cabinet or laundry cabinet?
The products are wall-mounted, and the wash basin and laundry cabinets work perfectly without furniture legs. However, if you want extra support for the cabinets, you can attach furniture legs. Furniture legs are available in our spare parts selection and fit directly into the holes at the bottom of the wash basin or laundry cabinet.

Can you change/order different handles for the products?
The furniture comes with pre-drilled holes for handles. The hole spacing for the handles is standard, so they can be replaced. Please check the hole spacing before purchasing new handles.

How do I remove the drawer from the wash basin cabinet?
Instructions for removing the drawer can be found in our materials bank under the specific product’s instructions.

Can you get extra baskets for laundry cabinets?
Yes, you can find the selection on our website, and the products can be ordered through our retailers.

Do raised toilet seat Nivella fit all toilet seats? Raised toilet seat Nivella are suitable for all common toilet seats on the market due to their simple attachment mechanism.