You can send us e-invoices and pdf-invoices via e-mail.

Our e-invoicing information:
Name: Polaria Oy
Business ID: FI01657303
E-invoicing address: 003701657303
Operator: Maventa Ltd
Operator Identifier: 003721291126
Our Mediator Code if sending from Bank Networks: DABAFIHH

You can also send PDF-format invoices via email. Please, follow the following requirements.

  • The invoice has to be sent as an attachment in the email
  • One invoice per file including all pages
  • Multiple invoice files can be sent in one email. All files must have separate names
  • Total size of the email cannot exceed 10Mb
  • The PDF-files must be authentic PDF-documents version 1.3 or higher
  • PDF-files cannot be protected with a password or locked in any other way
  • The size of the document may not be greater than 210 x 279 mm
  • The file name is not allowed to contain other characters than a- z, A-Z, 0-9.

Please, send PDF-format invoices to:

More information: or tel. +358 207 756 340